Meeting Information


The ACHT (Austria-Croatia-Hungary-Triangle) workshops are topical meetings and invite participation from the triangle region as well as related institutions and fields.


The topics and methods to be discussed at this workshop are (but not limited to):

  • Confinement
  • Hadrons as bound states in QCD
  • The QCD phase diagram
  • Strong QED
  • Advances in nonperturbative functional methods
  • Astro-particle physics
  • Gravity
  • Dyson-Schwinger Equations
  • Renormalization-Group Equations
  • Lattice-Regularized QFT
  • 2PI formalism
  • QCD sum rules


Each participant is welcome and encouraged to present a talk, in particular young researchers and students. The anticipated length of a presentation will be 20 – 30 minutes including discussion. The workshop will begin on Wednesday, 7th October, with lunch and end on Friday, 9th October, again with lunch.

Previous Workshops:

2013 Leitring
2011 Fürstenfeld
2009 Fürstenfeld
2013 Rab
2010 Rab
2009 Rab
2008 Rab
2007 Rab
2006 Rab
2014 Balatonfüred
2012 Szombathely
2010 Hévíz
2008 Hévíz

Historical Background

The necessity to finally solve QCD is overwhelming.

Organizing Committee

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee of the workshop with your comments and questions.

Thomas Hilger
Andreas Krassnigg

Institut für Physik
FB Theoretische Physik
Universitätsplatz 5
A-8010 Graz, Austria

Advisory Committee

Reinhard Alkofer University of Graz (AUT)
Tamás Biró Wigner Research Center for Physics (HUN)
Dubravko Klabučar University of Zagreb (CRO)
András Patkós Eötvös University (HUN)